Four Steps to Take Before the Junk Removal Truck Arrives

Junk removal, junk hauling, twin cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul
At certain points in a homeowner’s life, you look around and realize just how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Every space in your home - your garage, basement, shed, closets, and attic - is totally jam packed with items you’ve collected over the years. In an attempt to reclaim your space, you decide to hire a professional junk removal company to help you declutter.
Junk360 is a locally owned, veteran founded junk removal company. Our fast, reliable team has helped residents and business owners throughout the Twin Cities minimize, consolidate, and clean out their waste. Here are four steps you can take before our trucks arrive to keep this process quick, easy, and efficient.

1. Make a List

Junk removal, junk hauling, twin cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul
Start your process by making a detailed list of all the items you want to get rid of. Why? Because:
  • It forces you to recognize what you own
  • It can help identify items you think can be recycled
  • Identifies items that can be donated or sold
  • A detailed list will enable Junk360’s team to provide you with a more exact quote
As you make your list, work your way through every room in your house, your garage, and any outdoor storage space. This will ensure you don’t miss anything you want the Junk360 crew haul away.

2. Organize

Junk removal, junk hauling, twin cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul
Making a list helps you transition into step two: organizing. Use your list to divide your belongings into three categories:
  • Throw away
  • Donate
  • Recycle
Organizing your belongings into these three categories will make the junk removal process run more smoothly since the team from Junk360 will know what items to load and what not to touch before they even arrive at your door.
Additionally, consolidating your junk before Junk360 arrives will save you time and money. Breaking down boxes, placing smaller items into larger ones, and putting items in garbage bags will conserve truck space while keeping removal costs down.

3. Consider Resale Value

Junk removal, junk hauling, twin cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul
Before Junk360 arrives, look through the pieces you want to get rid of to determine if any of them might be worth some money. This even includes renovation waste such as:
  • Antique wood doors
  • Handles
  • Knobs
  • Hinges
  • Brass fixtures
Antiques or pieces of furniture that are in relatively good condition could be sold for a bit of cash. Check with modellers, collections, and local consignment stores. If you have the time or energy, you can brave the classifieds, Facebook Markets, eBay, or Craigslist.

4. Call for a Quote

Junk removal, junk hauling, twin cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul
Once you know what you want hauled away, call Junk360 for a pricing estimate! At Junk360, we charge by the amount of truck spaced used. Our quotes include:
  • Loading
  • Sorting
  • Recycling
  • Dumping
  • Donation drop offs
  • Clean up
Our company believes in fair and transparent pricing. Before you contract our services, we always provide a free estimate with no obligations attached.  To see our complete pricing breakdown, view our pricing chart.

Let’s Get Started!Junk removal, junk hauling, twin cities, Minneapolis, St. Paul

Once you’re ready to declutter and reclaim the space in your home or business, Junk360 is here to help! We handle everything from homes to storage units to commercial  properties. We can handle all types of waste, regardless of size.
If you haven’t already, request a free price quote either online or by calling  (651) 395-8659. We’re can’t wait to make you our next five-star review!