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Estate Cleanout:

Because of our expertise and sensitivity in handling clients' personal property during an estate clearance, our services are called upon by people who have the daunting task of moving a parent to senior living or emptying a deceased relative's family home. As a family member with an estate to clear out, you need the property to be cleared out quickly and efficiently, to prepare that property for potential real estate rental or purchase. We will treat you and your home with respect and compassion as we clean out your estate. When faced with a house full of items and hundreds of decisions to make, we have the experience and well organized people helping with the clearance of your estate. By using Junk360’s experience and expertise in clearing out estates, from sorting personal possessions to having the house cleaned to packing and sorting, household furniture removal you are in good hands and you have more time to devote to your family’s other urgent needs. Junk360 will bring in a professional team to complete the estate clearance services for you. During the estate clearance, we can separate personal items, pictures, papers, artwork, furniture, and belongings that you would like to keep or ensure we donate.


Junk360 is your trusted partner for hoarding cleanup and hoarding cleanouts in St. Paul and Minneapolis. No two hoarding cases are exactly alike and we are experts at dealing with the variety of hoarding situations. Often, the hoarding behavior can become so entrenched that the entire property is littered with junk, even up to the ceiling, making it unlivable and unsafe. Each case is evaluated individually and our hoarding cleaning services are appropriately customized. Compulsive hoarding is a very serious problem that affects millions of Americans and their families. Hoarding cleanup materials can include things such as newspapers, trash, plants, plastic containers, boxes, furniture, food receptacles and more. Compulsive hoarding can wreak havoc not only on the life of the hoarder, but on their family and friends as well. Fortunately, at Junk360, we provide hoarding cleaning services designed to help hoarders sort the trash garbage from the treasure and free up your most valuable resources: your life and your living space, while maintaining the dignity and respecting the wishes of the owner.


We know how important it is to maintain a clean and organized construction site. Junk materials can lead to safety hazards and upset property owners. By using Junk360, you eliminate the hassle of getting a dumpster permit from your city, paying to rent a dumpster, potentially damaging your driveway or your lawn, and having a truck come more than once. We remove construction debris (before and after you build or renovate your home). By calling Junk360, you will save time, money and energy and your property or yard will be ready to occupy or visit faster. We cater specifically to residential and commercial contractors as well as do-it-yourself builders. Junk360 is fast, junk and waste removal service thorough, efficient, and recycles as much construction debris as possible.

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