Memorial Day 101: How to Honor Veterans

Memorial Day
Memorial Day brings up thoughts of grilling, being with family, and enjoying the warm weather. But Memorial Day was established after the Civil War to honor veterans. We’re here to remind you how to respectfully observe the day:
  • The Flag. Briskly raise the flag to its full-staff position, and then solemnly lower it to half-staff. In this position, the flag honors the men and women who gave their lives to protect our country. At noon, raise the flag to full-staff. Here it represents the living veterans who continue to fight for our freedom.
  • Moment of Remembrance. The National Moment of Remembrance resolution was passed in December 2000. At 3:00 p.m. local time, take a break from whatever you’re doing and take a moment to respect and remember our veterans. This can either be done in silence or by listening to Taps.
  • Additional Traditions. There are more ways to honor our veterans. You can wear red poppies or visit graves and memorials. For the latter, remember to bring flowers or flags to place on the graves.
Saying “Happy Memorial Day” this Monday is disrespectful to our troops and fallen soldiers. As a veteran-run organization, we enjoy teaching civilians about veterans’ issues and how to support our troops. This Memorial Day, follow these traditions and you’ll be doing the holiday justice. Feature Image: