New Year’s Resolution: Purge Your Junk!

The new year is here, and it’s time to plan a resolution that you can stick with! How about finally attacking the clutter and junk you’ve been unable to get to for months now? 
Starting the new year off with a clean and clutter-free space will set you up for a successful 2020. Junk360 is here to help!

Declutter All of Last Year’s Junk

Maybe while you were dutifully decorating for the holidays you realized you had a box of burnt-out lights. Perhaps the turkey cooker fried its circuits instead of the bird. Whatever you discovered, you were bound to find some junk during your holiday set up. And you might have shoved that discovery to the side in your rush to try and get everything prepared for the busy season. But now it’s time to declutter that junk! 
Start by:
  • Clearing up the holiday trappings! When you’re rewrapping the ornaments or boxing up the holiday decor, make a pile of all the holiday supplies you’ve outgrown or don’t need anymore. Does the inflatable Santa have hundreds of patches? Junk it. Are the wires poking through the string of lights? Junk it. Whatever you trash and declutter now, you save yourself from having to confront again next year.
  • Throwing away the broken and irreparable. Gather up every broken item you found during your holiday set up. Don’t hold back. You haven’t had time to repair it for all of 2019, so it’s time to be honest and admit what belongs in the trash heap. Hoarding all the “maybes” and “some days” will just bring you right back to this same position next year.
  • Junking everything you’ve been putting off. Maybe you needed that horrible futon for Uncle Harvey to sleep on. Is the washer and dryer on its last leg? Was the rusty swing set you didn’t remove meant to entertain your young nephews and nieces? Were you shoving everything into the closets? Now that you’ve got 365 days until their next visit, you can finally deal with everything that just needed to make it past the holiday crunch.  

Get One? Toss Two! 

Hopefully, you and your young ones got a lot of awesome bits and bobs to keep you engaged during the upcoming year. We’ve found that the best way to keep the “stuff” from piling up is to toss two items for every one you received. Go through your home, toy boxes, and closets. Sort your items into the following piles:
  • Donate. Gently used toys, books, clothes, and kitchenware make perfect donations for those in need. Get yourself a big box and fill it with toys and clothes your little ones have outgrown, books that don’t bring you any joy, and kitchen gadgets you used a few times before realizing you just aren’t that into breadmaking. This process can get tough, but, if things don’t serve a purpose,it’s time to pass it on to someone who can get use out of it. Giving is a heartfelt act that will bring you into the New Year right.
  • Junk. A gift card to the nearby hardware store is the perfect excuse to clear out all your old power tools that don’t work. Whatever you received, be sure to get rid of what it’s replacing. Junk360 is able and willing to come pick up beds, bicycles, furniture, toys, and much more
Go through everything room by room, including your garage and basement. Ask yourself: do I use it? Does it work? Could someone else use it? Make it easy and organize things into your donate and junk piles. The reward? A cleaner, clutter-free home for 2020!

Start Fresh This New Year With Junk360

It’s time to start fresh! Let 2020 be the year you finally declutter and organize your home. Call Junk360 today at 651-395-3659 to schedule all your junk removal needs or get  a free estimate online. Our friendly staff can help you organize your home, haul away your junk, and start the New Year off right.