Organizing Made Easy: 6 Tips you’ll Actually Use

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Tips you get for organizing your home are often daunting and time-consuming. This makes procrastination easy and allows stuff to keep piling up around the house. Well, we’ve gathered 6 simple tips that are so straightforward that all your excuses will evaporate. Let’s get started!
  • Clear out your liquor cabinet
    A cleaning tip that can get you a nice buzz? Excellent! Go through your liquor cabinet and take out any bottles with less than two ounces of alcohol left. Use it within a week or pour it down the drain. When it’s time to restock, check out the Wander North Distillery, our favorite local, veteran-run distillery.
  • Reclaim your phone storage
    Not all smartphones have expandable memory. That means that when you fill up your device’s memory, you need to do some cleanup. 30 minutes for the freedom to take pictures again? That’s a good trade. Follow these easy instructions for both Androids and iPhones.
  • Keep your pantry fresh
    Last week, we told you that your spices have an expiration date. Plenty of other food items can also go bad right under your nose. Take a few minutes to make sure that all of your food is still fresh. Oh, and remember how we recommended clearing out your liquor cabinet? Yup, alcohol can go bad, too.
  • Identify your frozen foods
    Speaking of food that can go bad, is your freezer full of hard-to-identify meats or mysterious delicacies? If you don’t know what’s hiding under that freezer burn, toss it. You can also organize your frozen foods into bins if you have a little extra time.
  • Manage your purse
    From receipts to snacks and lip balm to gum, purses can accumulate a lot of clutter. Every week or so, dump out the contents, put back what you actually need, and toss the trash. To keep large purses organized in the meantime, try keeping loose essentials in an old sunglasses case.
  • Collect your keys
    How can something be so essential for everyday life and so easy to lose? Unless you plan on investing in a fancy key finding app, a little organizing is in order. Simply dedicate a bowl, hook, or magnet near your entryway to your keys. You can even make one out of Legos!
In a matter of minutes, you’ll be kicking out the clutter and reclaiming your home. These organizing tips are so easy that they’re excuse-proof! Feature Image: