Why Use Professionals When Removing Junk From Real Estate

As a real estate professional, chances are you’re probably dealing with a property that needs cleaning out. These properties can include:
  • Tenant Waste
  • Commercial Clean Ups
  • Estate Sale Junk
  • Foreclosure Debris
Cleaning out a vacant piece of real estate doesn’t have to be a DIY nightmare. Junk360 can help! Here’s how.

Clearing Out Tenant Waste

Renters move more than homeowners and often end up leaving behind belongings and trash. As a real estate agent, you’re tasked with renting that property ASAP. That’s why it’s critical to remove anything left behind.
Call Junk360! Our quick, professional junk haul team will:
  • Lift, load, and haul away the junk
  • Remove junk, trash, and household goods all in one trip
  • Take care of broken electronics, furniture, and any other item left behind
When facing a quick property turn around, a team like Junk360 is your greatest asset. Our low cost prices will even help you recoup the junk removal costs from the renter’s deposit!

Hauling Away Commercial Debris

Commercial property debris can include anything from fax machines to construction waste. As a real estate agent, you are tasked with dealing the large inventories of items left behind by commercial tenants.
Hire Junk360 to handle to clean up! We have what you don’t, which includes the:
  • Time
  • Proper equipment
  • Waste handling techniques
  • Junk disposal know-how
  • Risk management
Commercial properties can involve office buildings, retail stores, medical centers, warehouses, and industrial factories. Don’t try to clean these large areas on your own. Call Junk360 and we’ll help you get that commercial property available for showing in no time.

Removing Estate Sales Leftovers

Estate sales are never pleasant. Hiring a junk removal company can make this experience a little easier. When you use Junk360 to remove the estate sale leftovers, we will:
  • Recycle or donate any item in good condition
  • Be detailed and thorough
  • Offer respectful, punctual, and patient service
  • Provide eco-friendly, safe, and efficient junk removal practices
Estate executors, families, and real estate agents need a business they can count on. Junk360 will make sure the estate sale leftovers are one less thing for you to worry about during this stressful process.

Foreclosure Cleanups

When you’re selling a foreclosure property, it has to be clean enough to tempt prospective buyers. That means getting rid of any junk the previous owners left behind. As a real estate agent, dealing with the clean up is a daunting task.
Junk360 is a junk removal service you can count on. Some ways we’ll make your job easier are:
  • Provide a free, no obligation estimate
  • Haul away items for donation, recycling, and disposal all in one trip
  • Respond quickly and work efficiently to complete the job on your schedule
With Junk360’s transparent pricing, inclusive service, and flexibility, all you have to worry about is managing the foreclosure. Leave the junk to us!

Call Junk360 Today!

If you’re stuck in a real estate nightmare, call Junk360 today! Contact us by requesting a free estimate online or by calling (651) 395-8659. When you leave the junk to us, you’ll sell that property in no time.