Spring Cleaning 101: Advice from Local Junk Haulers

Minnesotans know that spring -- and spring cleaning -- is coming. As junk haulers, we’re familiar with organizing homes, recycling clutter, and upcycling lost treasures. Focus on these indoor and outdoor areas and you’ll be ready for the upcoming sun.

Spring Cleaning 101

  • Garage.
    DIY Organization
    Does any part of your home suffer more during the winter? Ice and snow melt off of your car, leaving dirt and grime on the floor. Sometimes you can get away with sweeping it out. But months of moisture can rust away metal shelving units and wreak havoc on lawnmowers and snow blowers. Call us if you need help recycling scrap metal or disposing of water-warped appliances.
  • Yard waste.
    DIY Backyard
    Did the snow catch you off guard, covering your lawn before you finished raking? Maybe a few branches fell under the snow’s weight. We can haul away the debris, leaving your yard ready for springtime.
  • Attics.
    Hoarding junk and waste removal service in Twin Cities - minneapolis - st. paul
    For a lot of people, attics are free storage units. It’s good to go through them now and again, especially if you’re finding yourself swimming in junk or looking to become a Minimalist. The same goes for sheds and other storage areas.
  • Decks and porches.
    DIY Backyard
    Where else will you enjoy your delicious grilled meals? Thanks to Minnesota’s dramatic seasons, this part of your yard needs consistent upkeep, especially if it’s made of wood. We can haul away any beams that you plan on replacing and can also repurpose your old patio sets.
  • Carpeting.
    Minnesotans are used to intense winters, but our houses are often less prepared. Cracks in the foundation could let water in during the thaw, especially in basements. This could lead to mildew or mold settling into your carpets or subflooring. If you’re interested in replacing your carpet, we can haul it away.
  • Outdoor cooking.
    DIY Backyard
    Warm nights are best accompanied by burgers, brats, or barbequed ribs. Just thinking about it makes our mouths water. Are you switching from a fire pit to a grill or vice versa? Now is the time to get rid of old grills, propane tanks, and even firewood.
  • Closets.
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    We first brought these up when we helped you prepare for winter. After a few months of sweaters, jackets, and hoodies, your kids might have outgrown your spring and summer clothes. (They grow like weeds, don’t they?) Let us know if you have any gently used clothing that you’d like us to donate for you.
We promise that spring cleaning is less daunting than it seems. Clutter accumulates in different places in each home, but we’re here to help! What are your favorite spring cleaning tips? Feature Image: http://www.housebeautiful.com/