360 That Junk: 5 DIY Organization Tips

DIY Organization
We’ve written a few articles about organizing your home. Many of these DIY organization methods are time-consuming (especially the KonMari Method). We know that your time is precious, so we collected some ideas that will beautify your home with minimal effort. Take organizing your home into your own hands with these simple, DIY projects:
  • Magnetic Bathroom Rack
    DIY Organization
    Tweezers, clippers, nail files, cuticle scissors, and bobby pins. The list of metal objects you use in your bathroom goes on and on. Instead of having them rattling around in a drawer, make them easy to find and use. All you need to do is buy a magnetic knife rack (perhaps a cheap one from Ikea) and install it in your bathroom.
  • Cell Phone Holder
    DIY Organization
    Whether you’re at home or the office, finding a place to charge your cell phone can be difficult. It’s especially hard if you want to make sure that no one steps on your phone, knocks it over, or unplugs it by mistake. With these simple steps, you can easily transform an empty lotion bottle into a cell phone holder. Decorate it with paint, fabric, or left-over wrapping paper.
  • Wall Crate Storage
    DIY Organization
    There’s no end to what you can store in these repurposed crates. You could keep shoes, tools, or even dog food out of reach, but easily accessible. The best part? These crates can look rustic or cute depending on your personal style.
  • Matching Sheets Storage
    DIY Organization
    It’s incredible how easy it is to lose a pillow case in your linen closet. By storing your sheets inside of a pillow case, you can easily find the set when you need it. You definitely get bonus points if you can neatly fold the fitted sheets.
  • Optimize Garage Space
    DIY Organization
    We saved the most complicated project for last. But even this idea can be tackled at home with a few simple tools and the right attitude. In just 9 steps, you can clear the clutter from your garage and take advantage of otherwise unusable space.
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