Citrus Cleaner 102: Orange is the New Cleaner

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Last month, we told you about cleaning with lemons. We’re keeping the citrus cleaner theme going. This time, we’re focusing on an equally delicious – and equally useful – fruit. This month’s feature is on…


Fresh squeezed orange juice could give lemonade a run for its money. Needless to say, oranges are also incredibly useful, particularly during the summer months:
  • Moth ball alternatives. Now, moth balls are very good at keeping pests out of your clothes, but they have a stale, unpleasant odor. They’re also potentially toxic and may lead to health problems. Instead, stud an orange with cloves and stick it in the closet. This will keep moths away and will keep your closet smelling nice.
  • Bug repellent. Bug spray is effective, but it’s not something that you want to spray on your little ones. And it sure stings if you happen to have a cut. Rubbing orange peels on your skin is another way to keep away mosquitos and gnats
  • Destroy anthills. Before calling the exterminator, puree orange peels in one cup of warm water. Pour this into the anthill and you’ll be free from those tiny pests.
  • Eliminate outdoor “litter boxes”. If your cat likes going outside (or you have a cat-friendly neighborhood), you might find little surprises mixed in with your grass. Frequent urination can kill your grass, leaving your lawn spotty. Mix orange peels and coffee grounds and sprinkle them on areas that your cats have deemed their outdoor “litter boxes” to discourage them.
Part 3 of our series will be published in September, featuring yet another surprising citrus fruit. Until then, let us know how you use natural cleaners on Twitter or Facebook, or post pictures of your homemade citrus cleaner on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag us! Feature Image: