Composting 102: Twin Cities Organics Recycling

Composting 101 covered the basics of creating a compost pile in your backyard. But we realized that apartment-living, lack of time, and other factors can make starting and maintaining one difficult. The cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul are here to help! If you want to minimize your waste, here’s what you need to know:
  • Accepted Items. These services accept organics waste, including food scraps and non-recyclable paper. You can also bring items including egg cartons, paper towels, dairy products, and compostable tableware.
  • Cost. These services are offered at no cost to Minneapolis and Saint Paul residents, and for those who work in Saint Paul.
  • How to Enroll. If you live or work in Saint Paul, you can either fill out a form online or download the 2015 – 2016 registration form and email it to Minneapolis residents can fill out this online form or by emailing Enroll ASAP!
  • Location. The Community Council office is located at 320 South Griggs Street, Saint Paul, MN, 55105. Use the alley to enter and exit the drop-off site. If you live in Minneapolis, the city will send you a compost cart on a weekly basis. Click here to see when carts will be sent to your neighborhood.
  • Compostable Bags (Saint Paul). Due to the nature of composting, plastic bags are not accepted. You can pick up BPI-certified compostable bags at the Community Council office. They are available in small 3 gallon or medium 13 gallon sized. You can also find compostable bags at your local grocery or hardware store.
  • Cart Details (Minneapolis). Houses and duplexes will be provided with 32-gallon organics carts. You will need to provide your own compostable bags, which are necessary for removing waste from the cart. To learn more about certified brands and manufacturers, visit the Biodegradable Product Institute’s website.
  • Contact. More information is available at the Saint Paul organics recycling website. If you have questions, call 651.695.4000 or email The Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling Office can be reached at 612.673.2917 or To visit the Minneapolis website, click here.
You can recycle organics waste without investing in a personal compost bin. Do you want to learn more about the composting industry, but live outside of the Twin Cities? We encourage you to visit the Minnesota Composting Council’s website. Feature Image: