DIY vs Professional Junk Hauling: Are the Odds in your Favor?

junk hauling
Let’s talk about our specialty: junk hauling. Now, love sharing DIY projects with you, but sometimes it’s best to leave things to the professionals. Like choosing a storage unit for your extra belongings, DIY junk hauling has some surprises along the way. Here are 5 things you should consider when choosing between tackling the clutter yourself and hiring a team:
  • Truck rental
    junk hauling
    Unless you have a large vehicle or are only planning on tossing a few minor items, you’ll need to rent a truck. Whether you use uHaul, Budget, or another company, you’ll have to cover the mileage rate and remember to fill the tank before returning it. Our prices are flexible, based on how much junk you have, and are free of hidden fees.
  • Manual labor
    junk hauling
    Moving your stuff isn’t (physically) easy. You might be able to rally together a few friends or hire some teenagers to help with the heavy lifting, but our team is experienced. We’re guaranteed to be able to carry fold-out couches, filing cabinets, hot tubs, and old equipment. On top of that, we won’t leave a scratch on any walls or other furniture. Can your motley crew promise that?
  • Dumping costs. The odds are in your favor! You’ve rented and packed your truck, so the hard work must be over, right? Not exactly. On top of rental fees, now you have to pay to dump your junk. At some locations, you may even have to unload the trash yourself. Not only do we handle the heavy lifting on this end, but disposal fees are included in our estimates.
  • Environmental awareness. Pop quiz! How do you recycle energy-efficient lightbulbs, electronics, and scrap metal? We know the answers right off of the top of our heads. We regularly drive out to somewhat obscure locations to make sure that we properly dispose of what we collect. What could be multiple trips for you is just another day’s work for us. On top of that, we pride ourselves for minimal landfill use, so we donate everything that we can. The junk you let us cart away could very well end up being somebody’s treasure.
  • Supporting your community. Veterans sacrifice a lot for their country, and they continue to face significant challenges when readjusting to civilian life. Our veteran-run company is committed to giving back to and hiring veterans. You support our troops each time you hire us!
Still on the fence? Now, if you only have a bag of clothes to donate or some hazardous waste to dispose of, you could do it by yourself. But for bigger jobs? We guarantee that we’ll go above and beyond. Our consultations are free so give us a call to see how we can help! Feature Image: