Green Cleaning: Natural Alternatives for Daily Messes

We support green living and natural alternatives as part of our mission to minimize our ecological footprint. They’re also great to use around the home if you’re concerned about young children or pets getting into harsh chemicals. These daily messes are much less daunting when you use

Green Cleaning

  • Stains.
    Grass, coffee, sweat, these are all a part of daily life. And stains inevitably follow. All it takes is a little ingenuity (and a reach into your fridge or cabinet) to make them disappear.
  • Laundry & Dishwasher.
    Let’s be honest, we don’t think about cleaning our cleaning machines. That being said, your laundry machine and dishwasher work hard to keep your clothes and dishes spotless. A cup or two of vinegar is all they need to eliminate odors and built up bacteria. Depending on the type of laundry machine you have, the cleaning details will vary slightly.
  • Earbuds.
    You wear your earbuds to the gym, on your commute, at the office, and more. There’s no easy way to say this: Earwax builds up. Gently brush them with a toothbrush to remove any dirt or loose particles, then rub them down with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Do the same thing with the cords, and then let them dry.
  • Granite.
    Granite countertops are gorgeous. When they’re clean. Whether you’re frugal or prefer to avoid harsh chemicals, this green cleaning recipe will have them sparkling in no time.
  • Clogged sink.
    Did you ever make a volcano for a science experiment (or help your child make one)? This idea follows the same concept. The fizzing chemical reaction will loosen up whatever is backing up your pipes.
What green cleaning tips do you have? Feature Image: