Moving Tips: A Junk Hauler’s Advice for Packing like a Pro

Everybody, regardless of age, could use some moving tips – whether you’re downsizing your home, starting a family, signing a lease on a new rental, or moving from a dorm to your first apartment. It’s a lot of work, but we can help you minimize moving stress. Simply follow these…

Moving Tips

  • Purge. This is the moment when all of your excuses must come to an end, the time when you critically look at your belongings and get rid of the things that you don’t use. Did you buy a bread maker, but still haven’t taken it out of the box? Are you hanging on to clothes that you haven’t worn since high school? Moving is expensive; minimize the cost by purging the items that are just taking up space. Check out our Minimalist or KonMari inspired blogs for tips, and let us know if you need help hauling the junk.
  • Organize. Chances are, you’re going to live around (or out of) boxes for a while. Be sure that the first things that you pack are the ones that you use the least often. These aren’t things that you need to purge, but could include seasonal clothing, books, and more. From here, pack your boxes and label them by room so you have less chaos in your new home.
  • Pre-Moving Day Clean.
    This step is crucial for keeping your moving day sanity. Since you’ve already packed up your seldom used items, start with your now empty closets and cabinets. From here, you can make your way around your house (or apartment). When it comes to moving day, a lot of your work will already be finished.
  • Moving Day Clean. There are some parts of your house that you won’t be able to clean until you actually move. If you live in a rental, most leases require that you leave your home in “broom swept” condition. This unavoidable chore has a great positive: You can check your home for items that you might have forgotten.
Do you have an upcoming move? This check list could help you out. Let us know about any surprising roadblocks you encounter or ways that we could help. Our community has helped us become who we are, and we’re always looking for a way to give back. Feature Image: