How Junk Removal Can Help You Fall in Love With Your Home Again

It’s easy to let our clutter get the best of our homes. With our busy lives, keeping the junk from piling up in our homes often ends up at the bottom of our “to do” list.
However, finding time to organize up your space, remove some junk, and clear the clutter can help recapture that feeling you had when you first moved in. Let Junk360 help you fall in love with your home again.

Tackling the Clutter

Find yourself avoiding certain rooms in the house? Maybe it’s become the unofficial “junk” room. May the clutter has gotten out so bad even go near that space gives you anxiety. Whatever the reason, cluttered homes are stressful to live in.
Decluttering can help you with the following:
  • Weed out materials you don’t need or want
  • Create a more ordered environment
  • Provide more space
  • Focus on what’s important to you
  • Reduce stress and increase energy
  • Improve your health
The bottom line? Your mess causes stress. Taking care of the clutter in your home means taking care of yourself.

How to Declutter

Decluttering your home seems overwhelming and stressful. But, if you follow a few simple tips,  your unwanted clutter will be gone in no time.
Go room by room, following the steps below:
  • Step One: Throw away all your garbage. Food wrappers, empty boxes, and trash can easily be thrown in a garbage bag without a second thought. This will also lighten the load and give you space to work.
  • Step Two: Clear everything off the floors. As you are doing so, Consider if you need everything. Sort things in piles – toss, donate, or keep.
  • Step Three: Tackle the closets and clean out your drawers. Closets and drawers are excellent for storing clutter that you don’t want out in the open. Take every item out of these places, give them a deep clean, and sort through what you want to donate, trash, or keep.
  • Step Four: Organize what you want to keep. Everything you love and use frequently should have a specific place in your home. It’s easy to leave this step for another day, but it will help you declutter if you immediately find a designated space for your items.
Remember: throw it out, donate it, or put it in a designated space! If you stay consistent and follow these simple steps, you’ll find yourself falling in love with your home all over again.

Let Junk360 Haul Your Clutter Away

If you’re ready to tackle your junk, give Junk360 a call! We’ve cleaned up hoarder homes, helped people downsize, and are committed to showing you how to reclaim your space and recapture that “new home” feeling.
Plus, as an eco-friendly organization, Junk360 will make sure that every item that can be donated or recycled is dealt with accordingly.
Get a free estimate today! Call us at (651) 395-8659 or request a free quote online.