How to Remove Trash (in Bulk)

Sometimes the trash is just too much. Whether you're working on a kitchen remodel or cleaning up after a renter, disposing of large, bulky junk takes time and energy. Here are some of your options for bulk trash removal.

Option 1: DYI Truck Removal 

Unless you have a large vehicle or are only planning on tossing a few minor items, you’ll need to rent a truck. Whether you use uHaul, Budget, or another company, you’ll have to cover the mileage rate and remember to fill the tank before returning it.
Additionally, you’ll have to ensure that all your items are properly disposed of (do you know how to recycle electronics and scrap metal) and cover all the dumping fees.

Option 2: Rent a Dumpster

The cost of renting a dumpster in the Twin Cities can run you anywhere from $200-$1090 per day. Because dumpsters are rented out for multiple days, these are great for remodeling projects - where you’ll be removing waste for several days or a few weeks. 
Many dumpster rental companies let customers select their preferred size of container. This could be anywhere from 10-40 yards in size. When loaded with waste and junk debris, those dumpsters will get heavy. For example, a fully loaded roll-off dumpster can easily weigh several tons. 
That amount of weight could crack your asphalt driveway or cause structural damage to a patio or yard. Make sure you speak with the rental company about if they’ll place protective plywood underneath the dumpster during the delivery process. 

Option 3: A Little at a Time

The most affordable option is to just leave out a little every trash day. However, (depending on the type of bulk trash) can:
  • Create an eyesore for your neighbors
  • Make your property vulnerable to pest infestation
  • Clutter up valuable space inside your home
While this is the most cost-friendly option, the execution can be problematic. Especially if some of your junk can create sanitary concerns. 

Option 4: Contact the Experts

Hiring a junk removal service is the fastest, easiest, and eco-friendly way to remove trash in bulk. We at Junk 360 pride ourselves as a reputable and reliable junk removal organization. We specialize in:
  • Fast removal
  • Proper disposal
  • Recycling
  • Professional clean up
At Junk360, we don’t just bring items to the dump. First we:
  • Sort items to see what can be donated or recycled
  • Bring donations to the proper facilities
  • Recycle all materials that qualify
All of this is done with every truckload, at no extra cost to the customer. Because of this, we are able to provide the greenest solution for your bulk trash removal needs. 

Contact Junk360 Today!

If you don’t have the time or ability to handle bulk trash removal, Junk360 is here to help. Junk removal and bulk trash is our passion! We take it all - including large appliances, old furniture, and construction debris!
As a reminder, we're offering all businesses impacted by the riots discounted junk removal services. If you or your business needs help, don’t hesitate to reach out for your personalized quote.
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