Listing Your Home This Winter? Junk360 Can Help

While spring and summer are peak real estate season, studies show that homes sold in winter often go for more money. However, no matter what time of year, buyers are looking for homes and yards they can see themselves in. A cluttered, messy, cold, and dark house lacks appeal.
Here are Junk360’s tips for listing (and selling) your home during the winter season.

Decluttter, De-Junk, and Deep Clean

Decluttering is sound advice for anyone trying to sell a home at any time of year. This is a great opportunity to: 
  • Get rid of all the junk you don’t want to move with you to the next house anyway. This is your chance to get rid of that stained spare mattress or the armchair your cat’s shredded away over the past five years.
  • Start packing seasonal items. Summer clothes, outdoor sports gear, and patio furniture can all get boxed up or even placed in storage. This helps declutter the house space, allowing potential buyers to envision how their belongings will look nestled against the walls. 
  • Recycle or donate any item in good condition. Remove reusable furniture, appliances, electronics, and other unwanted items. Remember: your home has to be empty enough that prospective buyers can see themselves in it.
Additionally, a decluttered home is easier to clean. Dry mop and remove all dust and dirt that’s settled into the cracks and corners. Vacuum area rugs and carpets. Sweep hardwood floors and keep toys tucked away. Decluttering and de-junking your house will help you maintain cleanliness between showings. 

Create a Sense of Light and Space 

With the sun setting earlier every day, it’s important to keep that darkness from creeping into your home. Potential buyers prefer well-lit houses and a sense of welcoming warmth. While that’s easy enough in the summer, creating that atmosphere in the cold darkness of winter requires a little creativity.
Some tips for adding more brightness to your home include:
  • Open Your Blinds: Minimal window coverage helps windows look bigger and encourages every last bit of daylight to shine into your home.
  • Add Extra Light: Any dark “walk through” spaces are going to stand out in the dreariness of winter. Installing recessed lighting or even adding some lamps on a timer into these spaces will go a long way during a showing.
  • Include Summer Photos: Buyers might hesitate to buy a house if they can’t  see the land that it’s on. Including a photo album or even a slideshow of the exterior in the fall, spring, and summer is a great way to showcase any potentially hidden curb appeal. 
Taking these simple steps ensures that your property sparkles against the seasonal backdrop, especially in comparison to other houses on the market. 

Contact Junk360 and Prepare Your Home For Listing

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