Managing a Move in the Age of Coronavirus

Moving house is time-consuming and overwhelming. No one likes doing it. Now, add in a pandemic and your moving process just became that much more stressful.
Here’s how to make your move a little more manageable from your friends at Junk360!

Safely Moving During Coronavirus

The key to moving safely during coronavirus is to plan ahead. Make sure you have access to the critical moving services you need to relocate. Here are some steps to take before your moving day:
  1. Book Your Movers: Make an appointment and ensure you understand the company's policies regarding loading up boxes, entering your house, and payment.
  2. Buy Supplies: To the best of your ability, buy all your moving supplies in one trip. This includes boxes, tape, gloves, bubble wrap, and sanitizing wipes.
  3. Clean: Use this opportunity to wipe down and sanitize your belongings.
  4. Pack In Advance: If you’re able, finish packing at least 24 hours before your movers arrive. This allows your boxes to sit untouched for at least a day.
Before you start cleaning and packing things away, this is the perfect opportunity to make a list! Save yourself some time, energy, and supplies by knowing what you want to take with you in advance versus deciding as you go.

Declutter Your Home Before Moving in a Pandemic

With the right mindset and strategies in place, decluttering your home before a move is easy (even in a pandemic)! Here are some tips:
  • Use the 12-month method: Conflicted on whether to pack or donate an item? Ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past 12 months. No? Don’t take it with you to sit unused in your new home.
  • Start early: You’ve spent years accumulating this clutter. Don’t wait until the last minute to go through it! Start your decluttering as soon as you possibly can before a move.
  • Stay focused: When decluttering, it’s easy to get bogged down by all your stuff. Go one room at a time, and stay consistent with your decluttering method. One way to motivate yourself is to set mini-goals and reward yourself when you reach them. 
Items that are worn down, broken, or just gross have no business being packed away with your other belongings. Additionally, you might find items with no resale value that are still usable. Do the right thing and give them to someone in need.

Kickstart Your Move With Junk360’s Contactless Pickup!

Junk360 is here to help make your pandemic moving experience easy, stress-free, and efficient. Just point us to what you want gone and we’ll make it happen in one simple step.
Plus you can leave your donations and junk in the same box. Junk360 will do the sorting and delivering, and even take items that can’t be donated to the recycling center. Additionally,  Junk360 offers a contact-free junk removal service. 
Let’s get you moving successfully! For a free estimate call Junk360 today at 651-395-8659 or request a free quote online!