Quarantine Cleaning Projects: the Attic

The weather’s warming up and COVID-19 has you stuck indoors. This strange period in our lives is the perfect time to tackle some serious cleaning projects… like the attic!
Has it been years since you’ve been inside that space longer than the few seconds it takes to toss a box in? If so, here are some tips and tricks from your friends at Junk360 for making that attic sparkle like new!

Why the Attic

When thinking about how to tackle spring cleaning projects, we at Junk360 recommend prioritizing the attic. This is because:
  • It opens up additional storage space
  • Regular cleans prevent a buildup of moisture and mold
  • Negligence could cause dust, insects, and mold to spread to other areas of the house via ceiling accesses, cooling and heating systems, and sunken lighting
  • Cleaning the attic early in spring allows you to avoid the worst of the summer heat
Declutter, clean, and organize the attic with these expert tips from Junk360, and you'll set yourself up for another productive spring cleaning quarantine season!

Tips for Cleaning Out the Attic

Burnout is an issue when it comes to home maintenance. To avoid leaving your attic cleanout half-finished, we recommend:  
  • Dividing the attic into sections: The trick to not making a giant mess while you declutter the attic is to work systematically. We recommend dividing your attic into multiple sections, ideally working from the entrance to the rear. 
  • Working in small increments every day: Depending on the state of your attic, it might take up to several days for you to complete your cleaning and decluttering. Work in small increments every day and don’t be afraid to walk away - especially if you're feeling sluggish or overheated. 
Taking small steps can help the process go more smoothly and seem less intimidating. This will keep you from giving up on the attic all together. As you go through each section, make sure you:
  • Remove: An empty room is the easiest to clean. Before you start cleaning your daily section, remove those contents from the area in question.
  • Clean: Wipe away dust, vacuum, and sweep. Make sure you clean every surface, including light fixtures, fans, and hard to reach areas.
  • Inspect: Look for issues with insulation as well as signs of mold and gathering moisture.
  • Sort: Organize items you plan to keep into plastic storage boxes to prevent exposure to the elements. It will also make it easier to store, allowing you to optimize on space. Donate or junk what you no longer need or what doesn’t work. 
  • Store: As you go to put your newly organized items back into your attic for storage, be mindful of where you put them. Place your more frequently used items in easy-to-access areas.
Attic cleaning doesn’t have to be hard! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be left with a space that is safe, clean, and organized. 

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