Quarantine Cleaning Projects: Garage

Spring is right around the corner and the coronavirus has you quarantined at home. Why not use this strange period in our lives to tackle some serious cleaning projects?
Here’s how you (and our team at Junk360) can make your time at home more rewarding and productive.

Start With the Garage

When thinking about how to tackle spring cleaning projects, we at Junk360 recommend starting with the garage. This is because:
  • Cleaning and organizing the garage gives you project workspace for all other areas of your home.
  • You have an easy path from the interior of the house to the garage to the driveway.
  • Junk removal companies, such as Junk360, can utilize the driveway and garage while you maintain your social distance.
  • This is your best chance to complete this project before the hot, muggy temperatures of summer arrive. 
Clean and organize the garage with these expert tips from Junk360, and you'll set yourself up for a productive spring cleaning quarantine season!

Tips for Cleaning Out the Garage 

Here are Junk360's suggestions for organizing the garage mess:
  1. Declutter: Take all unwanted, unneeded, unused items from the garage out into the driveway. Sort them into piles to donate to charity, things to throw away and things to keep.
  2. Shred: How many old documents and papers are you storing in your garage? If something is 10 to 20 years old, you can get rid of it. Buy a shredder to properly dispose of personal documents. 
  3. Store: Separate the items that you use most often from the long-term items and store them in different places. Items you rarely use (such as Halloween decorations) should be placed higher than everyday objects. Make sure to store things like paint and chemicals according to their labels and away from children.  
  4. Hang: Hang up bikes, golf bags, kayaks, and tennis rackets on the wall. A great way to do this is by using slat walls like the kind used in retail stores. Use as much wall space and ceiling space as you can to store items out of the way.
  5. Build: No storage cabinets? Now’s the time to have a few large ones built! These are great for storing bulky items like suitcases inside.
Don’t forget to group like items and label practically everything.

Call Junk360 to Haul It All Away

If the process of cleaning out your garage left you with a pile of junk that’s too big for the curb, it’s time to call Junk360.
Not only will Junk360 load up and haul away everything from dirty rags to lawn care equipment, but we’ll also:
  • Organize It: In order to make sure nothing ends up in a landfill that doesn’t belong there, Junk360 starts by sorting through everything to find what can be donated, what can be reused, and what chemicals and electronics need to be disposed of separately. 
  • Donate It: Some of the items that you decided to toss may still be useful to someone else. We’ll gather up reusable toys, tools, clothing, footwear, equipment, and other items to donate to a local charity, at no extra cost to you!
  • Recycle It: Many items you don’t think of can be recycled are actually recyclable. When Junk360 picks up your waste, we’ll make sure all these materials make it to a recycling center instead of a landfill. 
Just point at what you want us to remove, and we’ll handle everything else. This allows you to keep your social distance while supporting local businesses and charities!

Get that Garage Organized! Call Junk360 Today

Let us haul away all your clutter so you start using your garage as a base of operations for the rest of your spring cleaning! Call us today for a free estimate at (651)395-8659 or request a quote online
Together, we’ll have that garage organized in no time!