Tips for Cleaning and Sanitizing Your Home

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As the coronavirus continues to spread, people are looking for ways to disinfect their living spaces. Demand for cleaning services is on the rise, and several businesses have closed for deep cleanings.
Here are a few tips for cleaning and sanitizing your home. 

Step One: Declutter

cluttered living room
Counters and rooms filled with clutter can increase the number of surfaces you touch - transferring dangerous germs. 
As you declutter each space, set up a space, bag, or box for the items you’re getting rid of. At the end of each day, go through those items and organize them into three sections:
  1. Sell: If there are items you want to sell, contact your local consignment store. Craigslist and ebay are also great ways to sell your stuff online.
  2. Donate: Less valuable objects make great donations. Call your local charities to find out what items they need. 
  3. Junk: At the end of the day, throw out everything in your junk pile. Don’t give yourself a chance to rethink it. 
Junk360 is a great resource to help you avoid exposure to contaminated items, ensure safe disposal of the cluttered furniture, and prevent any injury. Give us a call today and we’ll ensure these items are safely removed and properly disposed of.

Step Two: Clean and Disinfect

cleaning supplies
It’s important to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Cleaning is the removal of germs from surfaces. 
  • Disinfecting is the use of chemicals to kill germs on surfaces. 
Both can lower the risk of infection spread, but you should clean first, disinfect after.
For cleaning, use detergent or soapy water on frequently touched surfaces. This includes:
  • Tables
  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches 
  • Toilets 
  • Remotes
Once you’ve cleaned off the surfaces, go back over them with disinfectant. Killing germs on a surface after cleaning further lowers the risk of spreading infection. When disinfecting, keep in mind:
  • The CDC recommends people create their own bleach solutions by mixing 5 tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water or 4 teaspoons bleach per quart of water. 
  • You can also use alcohol solutions that contain at least 70% alcohol.
  •  Don't use expired products, and don't mix bleach with any other cleaners. 
Phones and tablets are what the CDC calls "high touch" surfaces. However, you should avoid using rubbing alcohol, disinfectants, or similar sprays because they can damage the protective coating on screens.

Step Three: Laundry

folded laundry
Use the warmest appropriate water setting for washing clothing, towels, linens, and other items that can go in the laundry. Make sure to dry them completely immediately after the spin cycle.
While doing so:
  • Wear gloves while handling dirty laundry.
  • Do not shake dirty laundry. This will only spread the virus through the air.
  • Clean and disinfect, wash, or throw away clothes hampers afterward. 
Even if you’re using gloves when washing dirty laundry, make sure to wash your hands afterward. 

Junk360 Is Here to Help!

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Whether you’re decluttering for a lifestyle change or health concerns, Junk360 is here to help! We’ve cleaned up hoarder homes, helped people downsize, and are committed to giving you a safe, junk-free living space.
Contact Junk360 today at 651-395-3659 or request a free quote online. We’ll get your clutter hauled away in no time!