Why Junk Removal Is Never a DIY Job

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DIY projects can be fun and rewarding. They can also save you money. However, sometimes it’s better to leave things to the professionals. One of those times is the difficult, messy, and sometimes dangerous task of junk removal.
Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing between dealing with junk disposal on your own or hiring a team.

Four Ways You’ll Save When Hiring a Professional

Junk360, St.Paul, Minneappolis, Twin Cities, Junk Removal, DIY, Junk removal DIY
Unfortunately, professional junk removal isn’t free. Junk removal companies have to pay for employees, trucks, insurance, and fuel. However, here are a few ways you WILL save when you hire a professional junk removal team.
  • Truck Rental Costs and Liability: Unless you have a large vehicle or are only planning on tossing a few minor items, you’ll need to rent a truck. Whether you use uHaul, Budget, or another company, you’ll have to cover the mileage rate and remember to fill the tank before returning it. Our prices are flexible, based on how much junk you have, and are free of hidden fees.
  • Manual Labor: Moving your stuff isn’t (physically) easy. You might be able to rally together a few friends or hire some teenagers to help with the heavy lifting, but our team is experienced. We’re guaranteed to be able to carry fold-out couches, filing cabinets, hot tubs, and old equipment. On top of that, we won’t leave a scratch on any walls or other furniture. Can your DIY crew promise that?
  • Time: Do you know how to recycle electronics and scrap metal? Do you know which thrift stores will take old bed frames? Professional junk removal teams do. They regularly ensure that all your items are properly disposed of or any reusable items are donated. What could be multiple trips for you is just another day’s work for professionals.
  • Dumping Fees: On top of rental and labor fees, you’ll have to pay to dump your junk. At some locations, you may even have to unload the trash yourself. Not only do we handle the heavy lifting on this end, but disposal fees are included in our estimates.
When it comes to junk removal, the bottom line is that doing it yourself is the most labor-intensive option. Not only will you need to rent a vehicle, but you’ll also need to load it and drive around town to various dumps and recycling centers. Yes, you might save a buck... unless you damage the vehicle or injure yourself.

Why Junk360 Is Your Best Solution for Junk Removal

Junk360, St.Paul, Minneappolis, Twin Cities, Junk Removal, DIY, Junk removal DIY
A veteran-founded organization, Junk 360 prides itself as a reputable and reliable junk removal organization. We specialize in:
  • Fast removal
  • Proper disposal
  • Recycling
  • Professional clean up
At Junk360, we don’t just bring items to the dump. First we:
  • Sort items to see what can be donated or recycled
  • Bring donations to the proper facilities
  • Recycle all materials that qualify
All of this is done with every truckload, at no extra cost to the customer. Because of this, we are able to provide the greenest solution for your junk removal projects.

Don’t DIY! Call Junk360 Today!

Junk360, St.Paul, Minneappolis, Twin Cities, Junk Removal, DIY, Junk removal DIY
You may love rolling up your sleeves and doing the work yourself, but even you know that loading and hauling heavy, useless junk around town is not fun. Instead, you can bring in the professionals at Junk360 to save you time, energy, and even money!
Contact Junk360 today at (651) 395-8659. You can also request a free estimate online!
Remember, even when you’re tempted to DIY, Junk360 will always be your cheapest, simplest, and fastest solution for all your junk removal needs!