Winter is Coming: Winterize Your Home

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As Minnesotans, preparing for winter is in our DNA. Here are some simple tips to winterize your home. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and they work:
  • Clean your Gutters
    One of the least enjoyable outdoor tasks has to be cleaning the gutters. But clogged gutters can damage your house’s exterior, especially with the weight of snow. Clear out the fallen leaves before the first snowfall.
  • Clean your Chimney
    Few things are as nice as curling up next to a roaring fire. Many homes have transitioned to electric fireplaces, but if yours still runs on wood, now is the time to do some chimney maintenance. Remember to close the damper when you’re not using it!
  • Reverse your Ceiling Fans.
    In the summer, a ceiling fan can keep the air cool and fresh. In the winter, it ensures that the warm air stays where you want it. Switch your fan so that it spins counterclockwise, which will push warm air to the floor. A clockwise spin will bring cool air to the floor, which could have you spending more money on your heating bill.
  • Clear out your Extra Junk
    Whether it’s in your garage, backyard, or storage, junk takes up space. And in a state like Minnesota, that space is valuable! Your car should be in the garage and you shouldn’t heat space in your house that you’re not going to use yourself. And there's no worse time to learn that your snowblower is broken than after the first snowfall!
If winterizing your home leaves you with junk you don’t need, you know who to call. After all, no one knows how to prepare for winter like a Minnesotan! Feature Image: