Veterans Helping Veterans: Keegan Iversen’s Recovery

Junk removal service in Minnesota gives back to veterans
Part of our mission is helping veterans in need. Last month, we were featured in the Sun Sailor as part of a community of veterans who came together to support one of our own. We pride ourselves on giving back to fellow military personnel and setting an example for…

Veterans Helping Veterans

Just over a year ago, a motorcycle accident forever changed an Iraqi War veteran’s life. Keegan Iversen survived the crash, but his injuries were severe. When his condition became stable, he was relocated to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Minneapolis. While at the polytrauma unit, his family reached out for help converting their home to be wheelchair accessible. That’s where Beyond the Yellow Ribbon and Trust Vets stepped in. Both organizations work to connect veterans with each other – and civilians – in a supportive community. Amazing veteran-run companies came together to help. Junk360 provided clean-up for the demolition, fixture replacement, and other debris. The project took two months to complete, allowing Iversen to move in back in June. He is making slow, but steady progress. We are honored to have been able to provide help to this veteran and his incredible family. As a veteran-run business, we believe that it’s incredibly important for us – and for our civilian allies – to give back when possible. The family is still trying to raise funds to buy a wheelchair-accessible van. If you’d like to donate to the cause, please visit We truly believe that every little effort helps. Feature Image: