Winter Real Estate: Tips for Selling Your Home in the Winter

Any real estate agent worth their salt will tell you that spring and summer are the peak home-buying season. But don’t despair just yet! According to a study by the real estate company Refin, December through May is the best time to list your home. Winter buyers tend to be the more serious shoppers, and data shows that homes sold in winter often go for more money that those in summer. Therefore, we at Junk360 thought we’d provide a couple of tips for selling your home during the winter season.

Create a Sense of Warmth

With the sun setting earlier every day, it’s important to keep that darkness from creeping into your home. Potential buyers prefer well-lit houses and a sense of welcoming warmth. While that’s easy enough in the summer, creating that atmosphere in the cold darkness of winter requires a little creativity.
Junk360 suggests the following for adding more brightness to your home:
  • Open your blinds. Minimal window coverage means that the windows look bigger and encourages whatever daylight is left to shine into your home.
  • Experiment with different light bulbs. Find the most flattering tone for each space. Go for cozy and bright. LEDs in general play well with interior color palettes. However, bedrooms and living space tend to look best with a soft white bulbs while daylight bulbs brighten up bathrooms.
  • Add extra light. Any dark “walk through” spaces are going to stand out in the dreariness of winter. Installing recessed lighting or even adding some lamps on a timer into these space will go a long way during a showing.
  • Include some summer photos. In the Twin Cities, chances are the lawn’s going to be buried under a couple inches (or a couple feet) of snow. Buyers might hesitate to buy a house if they can’t even see the land that it’s on. While you can’t control the weather, a great way around this is to include a photo album or even a slideshow of the exterior in the fall, spring, and summer. Make sure to highlight your lawn’s best features, such as vegetable gardens, flower beds, and decks with all the outdoor furniture in place. This will help the buyer envision themselves in your home year round.
  Taking these simple steps ensures that your property sparkles against the seasonal backdrop, especially in comparison to other houses on the market.

Turn up the Heat

Hey, Minnesota! Just in case you didn’t notice, winter is cold. And the one thing buyers in the Twin Cities definitely aren’t looking for is a cold house. Double check your doors and windows for drafts. If you do find any, spend a little extra time and money to insulate and weather seal them. Make sure your boiler and furnace are in top shape. If possible, get them inspected by a maintenance team before the house goes on the market. Ask them to leave an inspection sticker in plain sight since buyers will want to make sure those systems are up and running.
If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, now’s the time to show them off. The smell of burning wood triggers positive sense memories. But, whatever you do, don’t turn the heat off, even if you’re selling a vacant property. If you must, put your heating system on a timer to make sure that the house is at least 65 degrees during the showing. Buyers don’t want to spend more than a few minutes in a freezing property. Don’t lose an opportunity to showcase your house’s features because of the temperature!

De-Junk and Deep Clean

Always declutter and depersonalize. That’s sound advice for selling a home year round. This is the time to get rid of all the junk you don’t want to move with you to the next house anyway. Give Junk360 a call at 651-395-8659, and we’ll help you junk that stained spare mattress or the armchair your cat’s shredded away over the past five years. You can also start packing up all the seasonal items you won’t need for the next couple months. Summer clothes, outdoor sports gear, and patio furniture can all get boxed up or even placed in storage. This helps declutter the house space, allowing potential buyers to envision how their belongings will look nestled against the walls. Additionally, a decluttered home is easier to clean.Try to dry mop and remove all dust and dirt that’s settled into the cracks and corners. Vacuum area rugs and carpets. Sweep hardwood floors and keep toys tucked away. Decluttering and de-junking your house will help you maintain cleanliness between showings.
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Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that buyers can’t appreciate what your house has to offer. Follow these steps to prep your house for the best offer of the season! Contact our friendly, five-star movers at Junk360, and breath a sigh of relief. We promise to do all the heavy lifting!