Recycling Changes: Info for Saint Paul Residents

Saint Paul residents, your recycling is changing. By now, you’ve probably received a new wheeled cart. In a few short days, these will completely replace your blue recycling bins. If you have questions, here’s what we know about the…

Saint Paul Recycling Changes

Changes to look out for include:
  • New Carts. These new carts are designed to make it easier for you to recycle. With their wheels and easy to lift lid, you can move them to and from the curb with ease; you also won’t have to worry about a strong wind or curious critter getting carried away.
  • More Materials. The list of recyclable items is expanding to include refrigerated boxes, and paper towel and toilet paper rolls (unless you could use them in an upcoming craft project). For a complete list of approved items, click here.
  • Collection Dates. Most neighborhoods will go through a collection day change. Find your neighborhood on this color-coded map to learn your new day. These changes will start on January 16, 2017 – the same starting date for using the wheeled carts.
People living in apartment buildings will experience additional changes. Still have questions? We recommend stopping by Union Park and Eureka Recycling’s Community Conversation. Recycling Changes The event will take place on January 26, 2017 at 5:30 pm. It will take place at the WACPAC at 201 Snelling Ave. N., Saint Paul. Have items that are too big for roadside recycling? We’re happy to pick them up for you. We also keep landfill use to a minimum, donating all of the items we can to veterans’ homes and our community.